Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bo Bikes Bama

My son in law, David Long, participated in the "Bo Bikes Bama" Bike Ride last Saturday. Bo Jackson, former standout star for Auburn University, began this ride last year to make money to give to the tornado relief fund.

The ride began and ended in Cordova this year. Since Cordova is not that far from Berry.....I met Courtney at Jack's in Parrish. We ate some lunch and then headed to Cordova in hopes of seeing Dave cross the finish line!

There he is.....Bo Jackson. I remember seeing him on the football field......yes, I knew he was a good player but.....John and I took the kids to an Alabama baseball game and there he was . Just a few feet from us in the outfield. I was amazed.....when he ran it looked like his muscles, even though he played for the "other" team.....I became a fan......I still am!

And again.....there he son in law.....Dave Long. Dave rode two different segments of the ride last year and this year he did the 60 mile ride. Since I am not a bike racer I don't know what is a long bike ride but to me.....60 miles on a bike is a long ride!!!

The new Cordova High School is beautiful. the old one damaged beyond repair has not been torn down yet but will be soon.

Look closely.....a baby bottle and a water bottle

And just in case we forget.......the reason for the ride!!

Downtown Cordova

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