Thursday, May 9, 2013

#4 turned #6

We had a family birthday party for Lawson (#4 grandchild)  at our house the Sunday before he turned 6.
Everybody was going to be there except Uncle Josh.
That turned out to be a day of very mixed emotions.
Jamey Feltman, Brady's friend since they were 5 years old, his college roommate and friend for life....died that morning.
Brady and Kim brought Emma, Abby and JB3 to the house and left for Mississippi to be with his wife and daughter.
We made the day fun for it should have been. Kids need to know that there can be happiness in the middle of sorrow.
MeMe, Pops, Meredith, Emma, Abby, JB3, Courtney, Dave and Lily celebrated with Lawson
One tender his grief....Brady took Lawson into the living room, put him in his lap and told him that he couldn't stay for his birthday party but he loved him and would make it up to him. Such a special moment that I just happened to come up on!

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