Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tuesdays with MeMe

The Last "Tuesdays with MeMe" 
for the 2013 school year!

When you are in the pickup line at the kids must have a pickup sign in your car window. I have a whole collection of these signs. I couldn't find my very first sign that was just Emma's name but I have the rest of them in a backpack.
this is pick up sign #2

There is also a John Brady + Abby sign somewhere.
For two years Mei Anna rode with me and JB3 over to Huntington Place where Mei Anna's Mother, a teacher, would get her out of my car and Abby would get in.

This sign will work again next year but it will be a different school

Yes, Miss Abby moves up to middle school next year

She will join Emma, at middle school,  where the riders just sit and wait on their ride...outside the gym.
Sometimes you have to honk the horn so that they all look up from their texting. I haven't had to do that yet......Emma is probably too scared that JB3 will hang out of the window and yell at her!

2014 school we come!

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