Friday, May 24, 2013

Holiday Weekend

Courtney and Dave flew to Orlando, Florida for the holiday weekend. They were attending the high school graduation of his niece, Amber. They left  Thursday and came home Sunday. Courtney and Dave met while working at Disney World. Dave's brother Ken still works for Disney and his wife, Shawna, is a teacher at The Celebrations School. If you don't know about Celebrations, Dave lived there before he and Court married and Ken's family still lives there, google it. It is soooo worth going to see when you visit Disney World. It is Walt Disney's planned community. So, even when they don't go into Disney World it is still a pretty amazing trip!
Any Hoo
Lily and Lawson stayed with us in Berry, Alabama.
Courtney told her Daddy to try and make Lawson a little bit more of a country boy while he was here.
Soooo....they worked on that!!!!
baiting his own hook with a grasshopper

learning to throw his own line and  catch a fish

Lily and I visited and she was very interested in the crickets!

climbing trees

and more fishing

interested in the "fish cleaning" but he hasn't tackled that yet. He loves to give you a detailed description of his Pops gutting the fish......ahhh, little boys!

riding the 4 wheeler at the camp house
Keeping Lily happy with crackers while I bought groceries

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