Monday, August 2, 2010

Tuesdays With MeMe

After a two hour swim
the kids came in to watch cartoons
I had gotten out the ingredients to make
some cookie brownies
Emma, Abby and John Brady were interested
I asked them if they would like to
make the brownies
all by themselves
They jumped at that suggestion

As I was showing them the package and ingredients
I told them we did not have an egg
I made the statement
Well, we could ask our neighbor
if we could borrow an egg
since Pops had gotten home
he could go to the store and buy some eggs
I told the kids we would just send Pops to the store

Now, Emma, Abby and John Brady
had not met our new neighbors, they have met Zach
their son
are very interested in their dog
they had not met Teresa
so Abby comes over to me and whispers
that she would like to go over and borrow
the egg from Teresa
I said OK
Well, then Emma and John Brady wanted to go
all three went next door to borrow an egg
They were so excited
I think they wanted to meet Teresa
I think they were intrigued at the thought
of borrowing an egg from the neighbor
they got their egg and all came in smiling
Emma told me that Teresa said not to worry
about returning it
after a few minutes
Abby came and whispered in my ear
MeMe, can I take a egg back to Ms. Teresa
So, later that day after Pops ran to the store
Abby returned Teresa's egg
Abby came back through our door
with a big smile on her face
and said
Ms. Teresa called me sweetie and said we could borrow an egg anytime
My Grand kids are learning why I love the country!


kimberly t. bowling said...

Love the story...I'm always borrowing eggs, and such, from my "neighbors"....I finally started referring to it as the "Corner Market".

The kids look so cute working hard on those brownies...YUM-O!

Lana said...

You will miss the Moore's but have gained great and generous friends in the Blacks!