Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tuesdays With MeMe

Emma, Abby and John Brady started back to school Tuesday
of course
that is
Tuesdays with MeMe
I got to pick them up from their
1st day of school

Northport Elementary
was my first lineMei Anna
also rides with me on Tuesday
that little smile will brighten a day!

John Brady is in the back seat
MeMe can't get turned around enough to get a picture
oh me
if you hold up the pick up line!
On to
Huntington Elementary
To drop off Mei Anna
and pick up
Emma and Abby

We went to McDonalds
for a
back to school treat

As we were pulling into the driveway
I handed Emma my camera
I asked her to take some pictures of John Brady
since I had not got to take one myself

Well, the Kim Lawson Photography
came out in Emma
She snapped about 30 pictures in the time
it took me to put the car in park
I heard her telling him to
look this way
turn that way
don't smile
I thought these were the two cutest pics
that Emma made

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