Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2011 Mercedes Kids Marathon

I have had a Grandchild participate in The Mercedes Kids Marathon
for 5 years. It started with Emma when she was in Kindergarten, then Abby Claire
and now John Brady got to participate because he is in kindergarten.

I love that they do this. It is a worthy cause and it is good for them.

They must run 24 (?) miles at home or school and finish the last mile
at the Marathon.

This years run was this past Saturday. It was a beautiful day and felt so good to be out. I felt like taking off and running with them. All my kiddos did great.A parent runs with the Kindergarten. Brady ran with John Brady

Here they come

Almost to the finish line

Here comes Abby Claire

Keep it up
You are doing great

The Samford University Track and Field Team
ran with the different age groups.
Of course, they were so cute and sweet!
Here comes Emma

As Emma was about to round the corner to the finish
line she saw me and John. We were alone. Brady was running with JB3
and Kim was at the finish line to get pics there.

Here's the thing.....
As she saw us
she yelled
"Hey Pop"
and slapped his arm as she ran by
and this ole MeMe
got all teary eyed
and had to hide the tear that ran down my face
Grandchildren turn you into big old mushy cry babies!
This pic was her yelling the "Hey Pop"

Emma, Abby Claire and John Brady
You made us proud!

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