Monday, February 28, 2011

Gobble Gobble Gobble

Roaring Forks Motor Trail

We were disappointed that this trail was still closed. It will reopen in March.

John and I love to come in the winter because you can see so much deeper into

the trees and see more wildlife but the down side is that some trails are closed and the bears are hibernating. We were able to ride up about 3 miles. Of course, John spotted these turkey immediately.

They were four young gobblers. Three were on a log and another was walking close by.

I got quietly out of the car without actually closing the door, walked up a little ways and then went into the woods to get pictures. Luckily, there wasn't many people around.

John kept them from being interested in what I was doing.

How, you ask?

Yes, that is John's arm holding his iPhone out the window.

John put an app on his iPhone for the is a

Primos app that has animal calls. There are several turkey calls on it.

I got pretty close and then John shook the iPhone to make the turkey call.

All 4 of the turkeys heads shot straight up, they lifted their wings and all gobbled.

I jumped.

All four turkey started hunting that turkey they were hearing.

They walked right past me heading toward John.

We watched them until they were safely out of the road.


Courtney Long said...

that's so funny! good strategy to get a good picture!

kimberly t. bowling said...

Oh I must get that app...wonder if Bubba has it! :) Big John is so smart!

Kim Lawson said...

meme tell pop that I did a turkey call once at nanny's and papa's house.