Friday, February 25, 2011

A Long Time Coming

Berry Lady Wildcats
Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Wallace State - Hanceville

This game has been in the making since 1990
That was when Coach Mitchell Grey reinstated girls basketball
at Berry High School

There are a lot of girls that should be sitting on the end of that bench as honorary players. Because they were willing to keep plugging at it.......keep trying...even though they
were often lucky to win one game.....they are the reason that we still have a girls team.
Nobody gave up.

And then.....came the boost we needed.
Coach Vic Herren
Coach Herren is the principal of the school, the Daddy of 4 girls and coaches
2 of his girls on this team. He has pushed, prodded, practiced and loved this group of girls
and in return we now have a girls team that is so much fun to watch play.

Girls, you have made the town of Berry so proud.
CONGRATULATIONS on your win at Hanceville!

Warming up before the game

The guys showing their support
Great job

Games over.....WE WON

I don't have any pictures as the game wound down.
I was screaming, jumping and celebrating too much
to get any pics!

The happy Coach hugging his wife!

Emma Herren
high scorer

Coach Herren being congratulated by his Dad

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