Wednesday, February 2, 2011

And again......

I am still sick
I am going to ramble a bit

It had been nine days since I went to the doctor and discovered that I
had pneumonia. Tuesday, I still felt really bad and only had one day of medicine left. So, before I went and got the Grand kids from school I decided to stop by the doctor's office and see if I was better. The first sign was that I had a low grade temperature. I knew that I just felt kind of achy but did not realize that I had fever. They did more xrays and discovered I also had a sinus infection.

More Medicine
Stronger Medicine
Hopefully this will knock out everything

You know, I really don't mind cold weather. What I don't like is that in Alabama
when it is cold it is usually wet and dreary. Cold weather is much nicer when the sun is shining!

Here is my latest pet peeve.....
I go to Birmingham often.
One of my Grand babies live there.
I go through Oakman to Parrish and then get on Corridor X.
Woo Hoo....this makes the trip so much shorter than it was just a few years ago.
Why can't they take the barriers down at the
Highway 78 exit?
Everyone is clicking along at a decent speed and then
Everyone has to slow up and go down to one lane.
Just saying.....

We have "high speed" (ha ha) Internet through CenturyLink.
I can go to Courtney's house and upload 25 pictures in the time it takes to
upload 1 (yes, and it is true) at my house!

Can you believe that some people have gotten 28 inches
of snow this week. That is hard for me to even imagine!

John and I are considering doing some concrete staining on the floors
downstairs. If you have ever done this and have any tips I would love to hear them.

For some reason
our 3 year old
decided this weekend to talk about a person being buried. My only guess is that
he remembered being at my Mother's funeral this past summer. Here is what he told
Mom, did you know that when somebody dies that they put them in
the ground under the grass. Courtney nodded and waited to see if that was it.
It wasn't. His next statement....
I guess they get a dog to come dig a hole!
We just left it at that.

Have you thought about this....
2011 Iron Bowl
will feature
2009 BCS Champions
2010 BCS Champions
what a game!

My daughter in law
Kim Lawson Photography
is moving into her new and first studio this week.
I am so excited about this.

I have discovered the show Rizzoli and Isles.
Love it.
Also...other new favorite TV shows
Blue Bloods
Harry's Law
Off the Map

Laying around sweating off a fever.
I usually go iPhone App crazy.
I bought several new apps for the kids last week.
Their favorite....
others I bought.....
Itsy Bitsy
Old Mcdonald
and for me.....

Sure fire way for the nurses at the doctor's office
to know that I don't feel good. When I leave my heavy UGGs on
to get weighed!

We went out with a special group of friends Saturday night to celebrate a birthday.
No, I didn't feel good but I do have some good cough
syrup with codeine that can get you through a night!
we went to Harvey's in Columbus, Mississippi.
Do you remember when we had a Harvey's in Tuscaloosa? It was so good.
It had been a while since I had been to Columbus.
It made me think about Woodland Furniture. I think I need to visit there soon!

Well, time to take more medicine..........


Kim Lawson said...

Sorry you feel bad again. I was sick again Friday through Sunday and Brady started getting sick on Sunday. Emma was sick Monday. John Brady was sick last week. GOSH! I think we just keep passing to each other. Would say we need to stay away from each other, but we have a birthday to celebrate Friday.

I wonder if Lawson was talking about the dog he played with at my grandmother's funeral??

We love Harry's Law!

Hey, do you remember eating at Harvey's when I was pregnant with Emma? I remember us talking about baby names and I think Hannah was with us. I also remember going there after Brady's UA graduation. They have the best cheese sticks!

Kim Lawson said...

Oh, and I am excited about my new studio, too! Thank you!

Joy said...

Kim, I forgot about Lawson being at your Grandmother's funeral and the dog he played with. That makes sense.

kimberly t. bowling said...

Oh, Mrs. Joy, I do hope and pray these stronger meds take immediate effect and you are really WELL soon.

Concerning your version of "High Speed" Internet...hey, it could be worse, you could have mine. Temple's Dad recently tried to read some articles here and gave up...stating, "I don't know how you stand this." :) HA!

That is a neat description for the iron bowl this year, now really, how many states can boast of such?

So happy and proud for Kim and her studio!! Exciting times!

I have not even heard of Rizzoli and Isles...what channel? But I do tivo Off the Map each week...I'm always a sucker for any medical show.

Harvey's...loved it. Karisa took me several times to the one in Tuscaloosa. And it hasn't been but just a couple of years since I ate at the one in Columbus. When Lindsey was in the Miss MUW pageant. Gosh, it's good food.

Take care of yourself...slow down, rest, read, etc. :)

The Deavours Family said...

I hope you get better soon!!!

And I miss Harvey's as well! That place is needed back in T-town!