Saturday, February 5, 2011


What made me think of this?

About 10 days ago we woke up to the sound of a loud

rumble in our house. It was the motor on our heat pump. To get to the inside workings of

our heat pump you have to take everything off this shelf and pull the shelf out of the wall.

Here is a SHOUT OUT to Bob's Heating and Cooling. They had us working again in

24 hours. Luckily, we had 11 days left on our warranty.

After all the work was finished and John screwed the shelving back into the wall it was my turn to work. I dusted the shelves and the nick knacks and rearranged them back on the shelf.

That is what got me thinking.

Several things on this shelf belonged to my mother. Thinking of this as I was dusting them made me think about the other things in my house that had belonged to my Mother. As I looked around I realized that memories of her are all over my house.

Mother was notorious for buying something and then spray painting it another color.

She had painted these pitchers gold and when I got them I added a whitewash of blue over them. Maybe, I got the paint things gene? The candle stick and the little lamp was also hers. I can picture exactly where these things were in my Mother's house and their only value is in the memories they hold.

My parents bought this vase on a trip to Mexico.

It was one of Mother's favorites.

Books that my Mother read to me.

More books from home

And a few more.

Love how colorful they are.

I remember exactly where this picture hung in both of my

childhood homes.

The picture always fascinated me. It still does.

So glad she put this on the back.

My Daddy worked for US Steel in Ensley. When they were beginning to shut down and

right before my Daddy retired they actually shut down his section. The last day as they were clearing everything out and everybody had left, my Dad noticed this picture had been left behind. It was in a broken frame with a crack in the glass. He brought it home and glued the frame back together and hung it up with the cracked glass. Mother wasn't too proud of it but didn't say anything. I knew I loved the picture the minute I saw it and begged Daddy to give it to me. but, he wanted to keep it. When I inherited it I had Nichols re frame it.

Do you see what I see?

To me it looks like deer on the shore of Bay's Lake

This stool goes to an antique organ that won't fit in my house!

i know this old chest looks bad. I did it. It was supposed to turn out red and instead

it turned out pinkish red. You know how you start a project and just get disgusted...well, I didn't feel like redoing it then...but I am going to redo it this summer.

I am going BLACK. This belonged to my Grandparents.
I noticed that one of the candles have fallen out of the candlestick. I guess I need to go through the house and make pictures. I am seeing things I never notice!!!!
I have two of these chairs. They were in the formal living room. You know the
room no one ever uses. Guess that is the reason that even though they are over 40 years

old they still look good. Original material!

This chest was part of the first bedroom suite that my parents owned. It had like sheets of wood

covering it. I am sure you know what I am talking about but I am not sure what you call it. Well, one winter Daddy decided to pull the strips off and see what was underneath. He worked forever on this chest. He hand sanded it and then just rubbed it down with oil It is one of my favorite pieces. I have it in a hallway downstairs. I need to find a spot where it can be seen.

This little table was from another of my Mothers painting spells. This was

when "antiquing" was the thing to do. I decided to leave it this way.
I believe we call it "shabby chic".

Oh, and after seeing this picture I am going to work on all those cords. this is the room that Courtney and David use when they come home. So...we have to have a baby monitor, etc.

I love this table.

Not so much that big dust bunny I now see beside the table!

Isn't the top great!

And.....another great table. I think this piece is so unusual.

And again, I could have moved the towel on the floor where I had a sweater drying.

Guess I am just keeping it real!

The piano that belonged to my sister. I had a person come and tune the piano

and he said it wasn't a very expensive piano. Well.....I guarantee you that no amount of money could buy it!

I remember these figurines fascinating me when I was little.

Mother's "dollar store" purchase about 50 years ago.

But, there is something about this lady that I just like.

These candle sticks were on the table in my dining room.

My brother brought this to my Mother when he was in the Navy.
The bottom is stamped "Hadson made in Occupied Japan".

Always set on the dining room table in their first house.

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