Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Eight Is Enough

October Book Club

Our book club met a week early this month to avoid all the little scary goblins next Monday night. We met at DePalma's with our host, Pam Brock. As usual....the food was wonderful. The book that Pam chose for October was "Olive Kitteridge". I really enjoyed this book. I guess you get tired of me saying how much I have enjoyed our books but I promise when I don't like a book I will tell you. There have been maybe 2 that I wasn't crazy about but that was before I started posting our selections.

I really thought I might not like this book. That it was going to be what I call a fluff book. Let me re say that.... I really love fluff books for certain times.....I call a fluff book a book that is just way too easy to read.....but a fluff book is hard for a book club because we need to have a good discussion about a book that makes you think! This turned out to not be a fluff book and really made you do some personal soul searching.This book features Olive Kitteridge who is just plain "unlikable" but you get to know her and wind up having some compassion for her. You also see some of yourself and you will recognize people you know in Olive. It makes you think and it is beautifully written and it is easy to read.


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