Thursday, October 27, 2011

Flight 93 Memorial

Brady and Kim headed back home, Sunday morning, to 3 kids, school and work. John and I stayed to go to the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA.
We went through several long tunnels

It really is in the middle of no where

Secret Service on horseback

We were kept far away while President Obama was there

Sharp shooters climbing from the roof of the entrance building after the President was aboard a helicopter and leaving

3 helicopters leave so that you don't know which one the President is in

The rock in this field marks the spot where the plane stopped after it hit the ground

This building, you can barely see, is where the person was who saw what was happening and called for help. A Park Ranger said he thought that the plans called for something to be built there


As I am typing this post I notice the somber feeling of that day coming back. This picture brought the tears. Everyone was politely and quietly walking in a line, a few feet away from the wall, looking at the names of the victims. This young blind woman started, at the beginning of the wall, feeling each name with her we watched

As her fingers worked their way over the name, TODD BEAMER, she stopped, made the statement.... "he started it" and burst into tears. sigh

On a normal day you can walk out, to the rock, in the field from this sidewalk but that day they were not letting anyone go out in the field

A sideways view of the wall

you can see the sidewalk out to the rock

At the top of this picture you can see the farmhouse that we saw, so often the day of 9-11, on TV.

walking back to the parking lots

That's our rental car John is heading to.......and yes, we were somber but right here he is shaking his head because he realized he left the lights on!

It's always an adventure with us......always has been and it looks like it isn't going to change!

I made pictures of the things surrounding the Memorial as we drove out of the valley. These windmills are very close to the Flight 93 Memorial. Since we do not have windmills in Alabama.....I get amazed watching them

A closer look, It really is something to see row after row of these giant windmills turning

We had to go up a mountain and back down to get to the Memorial.

Shanksville is a small, beautiful and clean little valley town snuggled up against mountains

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