Thursday, October 27, 2011

We Won!

GAME DAYWe got up early Saturday morning and headed to Happy Valley. Everywhere we went people were saying what would normally be a 90 minute trip might take 4 hours. We loaded up the rental car and took off. Well.....we did not run into any trouble associated with the flooding but we did see on Facebook where it had started raining in Happy Valley. We stopped and got some rain ponchos at Dollar General but they did not have any rain boots. That was another thing we kept hearing......that all the parking places were going to be a sea of mud. Everyone in Pennsylvania kept apologizing about the trouble the rains were there was anything they could do about it! When we got into the town, Kim and I started going from store to store hunting rubber boots......none to be found, and apparently there never were any, but we met a lot of people and had some fun conversations!
Brady had bought us a parking pass on line and we lucked up and got in a yellow parking lot about 2 blocks from the stadium. I made the rounds and talked to everyone that wanted to talk and they all seemed to want to talk...again....that southern drawl! This family had two daughters with them. I said something to her about the cute game day shirt she had on. The Mother started apologizing for the shirt....I was a little confused at first and then she said I hadn't read the back. wasn't very nice but then it wasn't any different than anything you see anywhere. The Mother said she bought it for the girl and really didn't understand what the things on the back meant until the daughter explained them to her....oh you had some statement about marrying your cousin, that Bear wouldn't ever get 400 wins, and it went down hill from there. It's just part of it and you there is no need to have you B on your shoulder over it! We talked for a long time and they kept wanting us to eat with brings people together!

Joe Pa's statue


We thanked them

We are really here. Love it

Their white out was impressive. A sea of white clothing and only white poms but once you got past the massive student section The Crimson Tide was very obvious.

The fly over on a very emotional weekend

Loved the shirt........but you do need those muscles too!

The game band that went to Penn State

Penn State's band entertaining the Alabama band members. Can you see the members doing push ups to the beat of the music?

The beautiful moon that greeted us in the parking lot after the game. We did not get rained on. We did not get one ounce of mud on our shoes. We did get very hot and blistered. But the best thing.....WE WON!

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