Monday, October 31, 2011


The family headed down to Livingston, Alabama a couple of weeks ago to watch Southern Arkansas University play The University of West Alabama. We were happy for the opportunity to see Josh ,with only a 2 hour drive, and excited that Meredith's parents, Bart and Catherene Jones, were going to join us for a tailgating party. It was UWA's Homecoming. We arrived early in hopes of catching every little minute that we could have with Josh.

We watched as the SAU Rider buses pulled up to unload. It makes my heart pound to know that my son, that I see about 4 or 5 times a year, is on that bus.

Besides his coaching duties.....Josh is in charge of football operations for away games. That's him leading the way.

Meredith followed the team buses from Mississippi and Meredith's parents met us at UWA to tailgate. We were so happy to get to meet them and enjoy some time together before the ball game.

Josh was able to join us for about 30 minutes while the team got settled in. It took a meeting of great minds but......we finally got Meredith's tent up! I say we.....I was making pictures....everybody else was putting up the tent!

Meredith's Mom brought a birthday cookie for me and Josh. Josh's birthday was September 30th and mine is October 9th.

We accidentally started a family tradition, using the candle numbers, about 10 years ago. I accidentally forgot to bring the numbers for my birthday....HA!

Josh is reading the book that Emma, Abby and John Brady wrote and illustrated and Kim had printed for his birthday

Lawson pointing out the piece of birthday cookie that he wanted (the one with the most icing!)

Uncle Josh brought the kids some Southern Arkansas wristbands Coming onto the field

Lawson saw some kids rolling down the hill beside our stands and just had to try it out. John Brady is giving him advice!

We also enjoyed Melissa Greene coming to the game. Melissa graduated from West Alabama and since it was homecoming she came down and joined us for the game. We had a great time....even though SAU lost......hope we can all get together again!

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Meredith said...

So fun! Wish they played closer more often and we could do it again!! I'm still holding out for when he coaches at Alabama ;) but Thanksgiving break will be here before we know it, so he'll be back soon!

Also, I'm quite impressed you spelled my mom's name correct!