Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Grandkids make a weekend GOOD


Teaching them how to take care of us in 20 years!

Pops told the grand kids that this was the first lesson in learning how to take care of us when we are too old to do things. Brady and Kim spent the weekend in Birmingham celebrating their anniversary and we spent a great weekend in Berry with the kids. It was perfect weekend weather. We had decided to keep the pool open until this weekend, where they could swim, but it cooled off and the water was cold. So, we told the kids that they could begin learning how to winterize the pool. But, they had some other plans. Emma and John Brady jumped in in their clothes ( they asked first). See if you can imagine the scream they let out....it was cold but they just had to see for their selves. Abby resisted and resisted and then she couldn't stand it any longer and in she jumped. After changing clothes and eating lunch we all went out to the pool and closed it up for the winter.John Brady is not sure about this!

Pops explaining it to Emma

Pool cover ready to go

Abby and JB3 hanging on and Pops fastening as quick as he can!

Hold on Emma

After we got the pool covered it was time to ride the golf cart

Emma drove.....she's an expert driver. Abby drove........she is getting better. John Brady drove......his first time. Pops said he did great after he made the girls quit giving him orders. I guess they inherited the back seat driving from me!

Bailey loves to sit by the kids while they eat. They always have a bite for her.

John Brady found several of these spiders in the wooded areas right outside our back door. He was really interested in them and wanted to take a picture. I am not sure I have ever noticed a spider like this. JB3 loves all things outdoors. I think he takes after both his grandfathers.

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kimberly t. bowling said...

Mrs. Joy, this post is so weird...I just saw a spider like that on my parent's porch a couple of weeks ago. My uncle and daddy both thought that it was a spider that had caught a bug or something but upon closer inspection, that was the spider. Strange harder outer shell with the spike-y points to it...peculiar...and I almost took a pic...so glad you did. I need to google it and see what it is...God's creatures are truly amazing.