Thursday, November 3, 2011

Afternoon with Lawson

Last Friday after being at Grandparents Day with Emma I headed to Birmingham to see Lawson. I hadn't seen him in 2 weeks. Dave, Courtney and Lawson were heading to Disney World on Saturday and to go Trick or Treating with Dave's brother's family at Celebrations. So....I thought it would be a good time to take Lawson to the Zoo and give Courtney some time to pack. It was drizzling rain so we had to adjust our plans. Lawson picked Cracker Barrel....he loves their toy section and who else but a MeMe will stand there for an hour and let you touch every toy.......and he also picked The Bass Pro Shop....his Pops genes are showing! Every Tuesday when I pick up my other 3 Grandchildren from school we always get a snack. We have a tradition of either McDonald's or stopping at the Chevron station. Lawson and I have the tradition of going to Cracker Barrel and getting him 10 of the flavored candy sticks. I usually get some for myself, also........I love the tangerine.....Lawson tries to get one of every flavor.....he got a clove this time???.....would like to be there when he eats it! More than once he has picked up these Nips and asked to get them. I gave in this time and let him get them. I really thought.....I will buy them and that will be the end of this! liked them! I remember getting these as a little girl. They were so novel but I do remember that they didn't taste good. I can't remember what they were called when I was little....maybe they were Nips!

You could draw a map of the route Lawson takes, inside The Bass Pro Shop, every time we are there. You would think he had never been there before because of the never seems to get old.....again, his Pops gene showing (JB3 has that same Pops gene) !

Lawson and I ate at The Bass Pro Shop. I was very surprised at how good the chicken salad sandwich was.

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