Monday, November 21, 2011


I met Melissa Greene back in 1986. She had just graduated from Livingston, got married and took a job at Berry Elementary as the PE Coach. Brady was in the 6th grade, Courtney was in the 3rd grade and Josh was in the 1st grade. I volunteered at the school and Melissa was a personality that you couldn't miss. We became good friends through school and I helped her out at school as much as I could. Melissa stayed at Berry Elementary four years. My math may be off on that but it's close. So....she had Courtney and Josh for several years. Melissa took a job at Fayette Middle School so she could be closer to her family and be around for things that her boys were involved in.
After Melissa left Berry we saw each other in passing but the feeling of a life long friend never left. AND 1995 our family visited at the newly established, about 2 months, Central Church of Christ and there was my friend smiling at me and I felt like I was home.
Let me tell you that we will never be far apart again. She is a friend and sister. We have shared so many things over the course of our 25 year friendship that will keep us together a lifetime. We have been together for the good and the bad and we have had a good share of both.
Melissa retired last week. I wanted to be there for her as she walked out the door for the last time. I did the only thing I seem to be good at. I documented those last minutes for her.
I love you , Melissa. Look out .....Here she comes! Blowing her whistle for the last time!

We laughed as she gathered up the very last things she had needed that day and put them in a plastic bag

Look out Wallace State and the she comes!

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The Deavours Family said...

That school will never be the same without her there! Who knows if it can even function correctly! Congrats Melissa! Very Proud of you! And so sweet of you Mrs. Joy to be there to get those special memories! Love you both very much!!