Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It Was All Treats!

John and I headed down to Tuscaloosa, Monday afternoon, to see the kids go Trick or Treating. After we all ate supper together we loaded up the very excited kids and caravaned to Huntington Place. Monkey Abby with Banana Lucky

A Monkey, a Cowgirl and a Raccoon

And........we are off......

Lucky was just proud she got to go

Brady found a fire pit to stand around. He never could stay away from fire!

John shook his hand

This guy was so still that you could not tell if he was real........

until finally he barely turned his head toward me. Can you tell that I jumped a little

There were some amazing decorated yards

This guy walking up the sidewalk to get candy was pretty scary to me!

The Lawson men standing back and looking it over. Donnie was walking with JB3 after he got scared!

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hicksfamilycircus said...

OH I wonder if you guys went to our old house. We loved living in Huntington!