Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Sweet Roll Tide

I asked John Brady to draw me a picture. It was "Tuesdays with MeMe" and I was helping the girls with their homework. John Brady loves to draw at his Mother's computer desk. So.....I asked him to draw me a picture. This is what he brought me.
This is a innocent 6 year old drawing. John Brady was born into an Alabama family. He lives in a home with 3 Alabama degrees on the wall. He comes to my house where there are 3 more Alabama degrees on the wall. He will likely be an Alabama fan all his life.
He knows this game is important but I doubt he really understands...why.
I love his rendering of the stadium, the people in the stadium, the players on the field, and the yard lines. Good Job, JB3. MeMe loves you........oh, and ROLL TIDE!

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