Friday, November 25, 2011

Building a Manger

I try to add a new Christmas decoration every year and introduce it to my Grandchildren at Thanksgiving. Many times it is something small that I decorate with inside but sometimes it is something bigger that I use in the yard.

I have wanted a nativity scene for years. I drool over the nativity figures that they have at Hobby Lobby...but alas...a little out of my price range for a Christmas decoration but I still cling to the hope that I might get the beautiful nativity scene some day.

So....a few weeks ago I made a trip to Birmingham to buy my newest decoration. I was going to Garden Ridge to buy some reindeer for the front yard. Last year while shopping with some friends I saw these deer but had already bought a new decoration for that year. I had not forgot about those deer so away I went in the big "MeMe Mobile" to get my deer. While I was shopping around..after I had found my deer....I came upon a Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. It was plastic blowmold. This is not what I had pictured in my head but it dawned on me that it might be my only chance to have a nativity scene. So.........Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus and the Angel came home to Berry, Alabama. That was all the figures available. Reindeer are back on the list for next year....again! I have since then bought 2 wisemen and a lamb from Ebay and hope to get the rest of the scene by Christmas Day.

So, since Dave and Josh were at our house....Pops recruited them to build a manger. Poor John...he knew I had bought these figures but I failed to mention to him that I needed him to build a manger stable. He found some old wood and I googled an example for him to build. The manger is not finished.....we need a little more wood but John captured exactly what I wanted.

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