Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Nativity

The Lawson Long version

The blow mold nativity figures were in the grand kids playroom. John had the almost finished the manger stable in the front yard. Lawson wanted to know when we were putting baby Jesus in the manger. So....before Lawson left Berry I told him he could place the figures in the manger. Oh....he loved doing this. I wish you could have heard the conversation while he was placing them in the manger.okay...this looks right
Lawson informed me that this was a "walk-fly angel"

He said that this wise man needed to be where he could see over into the manger so he could "throw" his gift to the baby Jesus

He would have nothing but that.......the angel be in the front looking in

at this point Lawson informed me that "they said there was no room" but "it looks like there is plenty of room" so...... this wise man got to be by Mary and Joseph

he decided that he didn't like where this wise man was standing

So....all the wise men are inside now and the angel gets the side view

That is my lamb he is swinging around. As he was walking to the manger with it he informed me that "the shepherd watched over the sheep" after a pause and looking around for a shepherd (hopefully, one will show up on ebay)....he said "well, I guess they can look after a lamb , too."

So, there you go. The story of Baby Jesus by Lawson Long. Not too bad for a little guy!

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kimberly t. bowling said...

This is so cute and sweet that you captured Lawson in photos arranging the manger scene...priceless!