Thursday, November 3, 2011

The things a 4 year old says...and will do!

Courtney and Dave have gone to Disney World for Halloween. I went to Birmingham to visit with Lawson since he won't be here for Trick or Treating. I was going to take him to the Zoo and give Courtney some time to pack. It was drizzling rain Friday afternoon so I asked Lawson what he wanted to do since we couldn't go to the Zoo........his reply

I want to go to Cracker Barrel and not eat......just play with the toys!

After playing at Cracker Barrel we decided to go to the Bass Pro Shop. If you know me or read my know that I can get lost....very easily. Well......Lawson and I headed out down Highway 459....guess I never paid any attention to John exiting to I-20. I was approaching...oh well, I think I won't tell you where I was....Lawson asked when we were going to be there. Sooooo....I had to tell him that I thought I had missed a turn and wasn't exactly sure how to get to the Bass Pro Shop. To which Lawson replied......

Oh No, I will never get to go back home again! My reply.....Here Lawson, play with my iPhone!

Lawson and I got a sandwich for supper at Bass Pro. A couple with a small baby came and sat beside us. Lawson kept watching the baby. He finally announced to me....very loudly

You know, MeMe........babies are born BAREFOOTED and I believe you have to keep them that way for a long time!

As we were leaving I asked Lawson if he need to go tee tee. His reply....NO. As we were halfway down the parking area.....I Need To Tee Tee. Okay, I will just let you tee tee beside the car....we aren't going back in. I always forget that he hasn't got past the getting naked to tee tee phase. So....with his shorts and underwear around his ankles and it seemed like every car that passed by had its headlights on bright spotlighting the little man.....he began to tee tee....when he suddenly...

Grabbed his bottom and informed me that he need to poo poo too! Ever tried telling a little one to hold it!

And finally....Courtney told me that Lawson got in trouble at school for pushing his friend. When Courtney talked to him about why he did it.....he replied that his friend had said he didn't want to be his friend anymore. Courtney explained to Lawson that Jesus said to turn the other cheek when somebody hurt you and that it was Jesus job to straighten out the person who was bad. Lawson thinks about this and says

Well, MeMe tells me sometime that she is going to "tear me up" is God going to take care of her! OOPS...guess I can't say that anymore. disclaimer......MeMe has never tore anybody up!!!

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