Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's true....I KISSED


Yes, I really kissed Elvis. And here is the story.....My Daddy worked for US Steel in Ensley. His section was called the Tin Mill. We lived in Forestdale. It seemed that my Daddy was on strike every other year. I lived many places during my elementary school years because my Daddy would go find a job in another state when the union would go on strike and eventually the family would follow.

One of these years we ended up in Memphis, Tennessee. It was Daddy, Mama, my sister, Patsy, and me. My brother was in the navy. My brother and sister were older than me and like parents in my life! I loved them dearly. Back to Elvis.....my Daddy worked with one of Elvis' uncles, Tommy Smith, and they became good friends. Many afternoons I would ride with my Daddy to the gates of Elvis' house and we would stand there while Daddy talked to the uncle. The uncle guarded the gate in the afternoon and stayed at the house when Elvis was not there. I still have vivid memories of tour buses pulling up to the front of the gates and teenage girls pouring out screaming and touching the gates. Now, I knew who Elvis was and his music was played very regularly at our house. My Mother loved him and my sister did too, but I was just like....well, okay, he's pretty good. My sister wanted to meet Elvis so badly. I can remember her begging my Daddy to ask his uncle if she could meet him. Daddy finally gave in and asked and the uncle said he would ask Elvis if she could come to the house the next time he was home.

Well, Daddy came home one afternoon and said that Elvis was home and that Patsy could go meet him and bring a friend. I can remember them screaming and getting ready. They were so excited. We all piled up in the car and headed to the house. I can remember us walking to the gates. There are actually pictures from that day but I couldn't find them. The uncle drove up to the gates ( big gates with notes on them. are they still the same?) in his Jeep that he used to go between the entrance and the house. We all approached the gate and I remember my Daddy talking to Tommy and introducing my sister to him. I remember as he started unlocking the gate and then it happened.....a tour bus pulled up and all these girls started swarming out...he barely had the gates parted and he took my hand and pulled ME through the gate and locked it back quickly. He told my Daddy that he couldn't take my sister and her friend with all these teenage girls out there and Elvis was leaving in a few minutes. So....I got to go. I still remember the ride up the driveway. We stopped and he helped me out of the Jeep. We walked to the front door and opened it and stepped inside. Tommy stopped me at the steps and yelled for Elvis. Yes, he just yelled for him like I would yell for John! He came walking down those steps and this little girl...fell in love! We walked outside and sat down on the porch. I sat in his lap and together we sang Jesus Loves Me. We talked and laughed and then Tommy said we had to go back to the gates. Elvis gave me his autograph, helped me back into the Jeep and then he bent over and KISSED ME on the cheek. I didn't want this dream to end. When we returned to the gates and everybody realized that I had been to see Elvis they all wanted their picture made with me.

Me and Patsy

Me and my brother, Johnny, in front of Elvis' car

The front of Elvis' house

My Mother, Patsy, Tommy Smith and me. Even though we did get to go to the house several times when he was not there.....my sister never did get to meet him. SIGH


Kim Lawson said...

I can't believe I've never heard this story! My mom totally loves Elvis! We went to Graceland one summer when I was a child and ever since I have always been interested in the story of his life, Priscilla, and Lisa Marie.

Courtney Long said...

The story is priceless, but I never knew you had a personal autograph too!

Dave Long said...

I can't believe I've never heard this story either! That's cool.

sue said...

And I have never heard it either!!! I can't believe that you haven't mentioned it in 30 years. Lucky you!! I wasn't an Elvis fan as a teenager but as I got older I liked him better. My mother thought he was wonderful. We always said we were going to see him in concert but you know how plans go that you keep putting off.

Celebration Longs said...

Very cool story. My brother's fiance LOVES Elvis too and that is why they are getting married in his little white chapel at Graceland this September.

kimberly t. bowling said...

I love it!!! And what great pictures...I think old black and whites are wonderful...and on the steps of Elvis' home...to die for!! What a great memory to share through the generations...an american icon.