Monday, August 29, 2011

A Monday Morning Smile

John and I were in Birmingham yesterday. John will be leaving on a hunting trip in a few days and he wanted to see all the grand kids, before he left, so we went to see Lawson. We met Dave, Courtney and Lawson at Cracker Barrel after church. Lawson climbed on my lap and started playing with the golf tee game that is on all the tables at Cracker Barrel. Lawson has his own "version" of this game and loves to play. After playing the game for a few minutes here is what he said to make me smile...

Lawson: MeMe, Noah has one of these games at his house

Me: Who?

Lawson: You know, Noah. Not the Noah that built the ark...... the Noah that lives at his MeMe's house

Well, he knows the story but not sure he has the time line down pat!

(Lawson was talking about Noah Moon. Sue Moon's grandson and Phillip's son. Noah and Phillip were visiting Sue while Lawson was also at our house. When I took Lawson to visit Noah, at Sue's house, they really hit it off. For the record, Noah calls Sue ---Nana---but in Lawson's world everybody is a MeMe or a Grandmother!)

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sue said...

Give them some wood and nails and between the two of them I bet they could build something that resembles an ark - and then try to fish out of it.