Sunday, August 28, 2011

Walkin' to Colorado

Bailey keeps watch over her domain from the back porch. Seriously, she is really keeping watch over us. She tries to keep up with our every move if she isn't in the house with us. So, when I decided to go walking with John, the other day, she was going also. John usually leaves in the truck, so she won't follow him, but when she saw that I got into the truck she just jumped in with off we all went.I usually walk on the walking trail in downtown Berry or just right around the house.....good flat spots! John is getting ready for a hunting trip, to Colorado, so he walks on hilly roads. He has been to this hunting camp in Colorado before and he has to get in good shape for all the walking in the mountain air.
So, Bailey and I set out walking with Big John. I know you are thinking....hmmm...those high white socks and boots???? Oh, yes, he also has to walk in the boots he will be wearing on his hunts. Forget any talk of walking fashion.

Hey, walking down hill isn't too bad. We had a few curious dogs come out to see what we were doing

Okay, we (I should say I) made it one mile down hill but now we must go back. I can do it....I can do it....or if I can't.... John can pick me up in the truck.....keep that in mind

Ummm....I do believe my shins are burning at this point!

Bailey torn between going faster with Big John or staying with her slower Mama.

If I could hang my tongue out of my mouth....Bailey and I would look just alike. Breathing very deeply right now......heart pounding

John is out of sight. I know he will pick me up but I decided I could make it back up that hill. AND I DID. Bailey couldn't stand it and ran ahead and caught up with John and they picked me up in the truck as I got to the top of the hill. I need to walk with John more often but I think I hold him back since he usually walks that hill 3 times instead of the 1 time we did that day. I believe that he is ready for that "thin air" in the mountains of Colorado.

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