Thursday, August 18, 2011

UMM.....Isn't that a toll booth?

John walked through the back door Saturday with these words....."do you remember when we thought we might have passed a toll booth without paying"? Ummmm...yes, the toll booth I kept telling you we were coming up to and that you kept saying "no, that one isn't for us". Really, he did realize that we passed a toll booth we should have paid at....once we were past it.

We were in Orlando, Florida back in May to celebrate Lawson's 4th birthday. John and I drove down in the "Obama". We have gotten used to the drive to Orlando. Here is why we are so used to the drive......Our first driving trip to Orlando was in 1975. John and I went the big time "economy" plan back then. Not the "WDW" plan but the "Joy Lawson" economy plan. That's the way we did everything back then.....we didn't know the difference and had a ball. The 2nd trip was with all 3 kids, plus a friend, in the Monte Carlo. Brady was 15 and had just gotten his license. John came home after working the owl shift and let Brady drive when he got sleepy. He woke up to find us driving in circles in Montgomery or maybe it was Troy....who knows. Brady didn't care, he was just so proud to be driving, and I can't take directions....that would be it's own blog post! The 3rd trip was to take Courtney to live at Disney while she spent the summer doing the "Walt Disney World College Program". The 4th trip was to take Courtney to interview for her college internship. The 5th trip was to move her furniture into an apartment in Orlando. The 6th trip was to go with her and leave my baby girl in Orlando. The 7th was to visit Courtney in Orlando. The 8th trip was to pack her up and bring her home to graduate from Alabama. The 9th trip was to go to the wedding of Dave's (Courtney's husband) brother. Our next trip we flew...woo hoo...with Brady and Kim's family to see Emma, Abby and JB3 at Disney World for the first time. Again, we went on a Disney trip, that we flew in, to celebrate Lawson's 1st Birthday at Disney World. So back to driving...our 10th driving trip to Orlando was Lawson's 2nd birthday party. Our 11th driving trip was to see the space shuttle launch which included going to Disney with Lawson for Halloween and the 12th driving trip was recently for Lawson's 4th birthday party. All this to say that we should know about Orlando's toll roads.

We drive down when Courtney, Dave and Lawson are coming ...they fly. I don't blame them. Lawson is not a happy road tripper. I think he gets a little motion sick like his Mom. So, we have made many trips to the airport to pick them up. Going the same route every time. I guess we got a little complacent and thought we knew exactly what to do. OOPS!

When John and I realized that we had passed a toll booth and should have paid...we started looking for the red lights. I bet if you could see our faces, in the photo of our car, that you would see two pairs of big round eyes....this "always do it by the book" girl felt a little like Bonnie and Clyde driving down the road. We made it to the airport without anybody stopping us and nobody was pointing at us either. Umm...surely you don't just get away with not paying! We asked Dave. Dave worked at Disney and lived in Orlando for years. Dave said that he thought that if it was the first time and you were from out of state that they just let it go. So when we payed at the toll booth, after leaving the airport on the way to Disney World, and didn't see a wanted poster with our pictures I thought that was the end of it.....but I must say that I had a strong urge to spill the beans to the toll booth worker and throw in some extra money!

Well guess what......3 months later

We were happy and relieved to pay this toll, plus charges, of a big grand total of $3.25. Now my conscience is clear and I can go back to Disney World. Let me just say...I love Orlando, I love Disney World and this kind letter just reminds me of why I do. They truly make you feel welcome even when you break the law. Thank you Orlando for giving John and I a good laugh and funny memory.

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kimberly t. bowling said...

I would have bailed Big John out if they would have took him in for his lawlessness. :)