Monday, August 15, 2011

The Stories it Could TELL!

After 24 years of loyal service, years of Berry football players and watching many children grow up and then their children come jump off of it.........our diving board BROKE! It did not completely break into but it was broken. When we realized that it was broke we spent the day reminiscing about all the good times that had been had on that diving board. It served us well.Lawson had to investigate the broken board. He is pointing to the crack on the side of the diving board.
It was much more evident on the under side

The new board has arrived

Lawson wanted to help put on the new diving board

The new board is on just in time for Abby Claire's Birthday Pool Party. Let the memories for the new diving board begin! Hope this board lasts 24 years. John says if it last 24 years that he will let somebody else worry about getting a new one!Law man was not happy because we wouldn't let him get in the pool. He had swimmer's ear.

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