Friday, August 19, 2011

Light It Up!

A week or so ago we had a birthday party, at our house, for a dear friend. We had planned on celebrating around the pool. The pool is so relaxing after the sun goes down as you listen to the water trickle down the slide into the water. But, in usual John and Joy fashion, it rained. This has turned into a joke among our friends. Let John and Joy plan anything......and it will rain! So.... we moved the party indoors. John lit up my fountain in the back yard to welcome our guests
Melissa.....the birthday girl.....counting her candles. Yep, it lit that cake up....just kidding, Melissa! Love you

And finally, we brought in one of the little festive strings of light that I use at the pool to try to give the room a little party flair. Last week when Lawson stayed with us he wouldn't let us take them we were festive all week long!

1 comment:

kimberly t. bowling said...

recognize the table cloths...seen then many times...:)

I'm with Lawman...the party lights inside are great!! FUN!