Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We've Been Blessed..........

With a bountiful garden this year. So, like squirrels gathering nuts for the winter......we are busy........ gathering, freezing and canning for the winter. I wish my hands were in the pictures of the butter beans so you would know that I do know how to do something in the kitchen! John made Josh's favorite......pickled okra!

And....we always need pepper sauce for collards and turnip greens in the winter

What is not bountiful at my house........decent Internet service. It took me 5 days to upload these pictures. sigh


kimberly t. bowling said...

Oh my goodness, the pickled okra, I must get a lesson. Walt and I LOVE pickled okra...about the only way he'll eat it really, and if that's the only way to get him to eat a green vegetable, then I open a jar every chance I get! :) Seriously, I need Big John to tell me what to do, if it's not hard...:)

And sorry about your internet woes...know that I can sympathize and empathize! :)

Oh and we just saw Lawson riding through town! :)

Joy said...

pickled okra is really easy!