Friday, October 12, 2012

Cabin Suite at Mammoth
John and I planned this vacation in less than a month. We were so lucky (lots of late nights on the computer) to get to stay at Lodges inside of Yellowstone since most people start booking a year or more ahead of I said was like it was meant to be! But......the only thing we could get at Mammoth was a cabin. Now, I don't mind roughing it a little bit......when I go to a luxury hotel that's what I am doing....staying at the Yellowstone it was just a place to lay our head...except that we soon discovered that they all have their own unique enjoyable atmosphere. Well, the only thing we could get was a "cabin suite".....sounds good to me......the only small problem.....they have no BATHROOMS. Or as the "Yellowstone language" goes.....shared bathroom. I have to be honest....shared bathroom....left me a little uneasy....ummm...shared? Well, I wish they had just used the southern version of shared.......we had a outside bathroom....commodes and showers. Oh, I went prepared for this.....after all, we know how to camp here in the south.
front porch of our cabin
we did have a fact, we had two since we had a "suite"

We lucked up and were right next door to the bathrooms. It really wasn't bad, at all. The bathrooms were heated and very clean

And.....this is what greeted me as I came out early to go to the bathroom!

Do you see him? This is right beside our cabin

right behind our cabin

We saw this as we were walking to the main hotel, early that morning, to get ice

He was bugling

He started herding his cows down the hill

they all gathered to eat some green grass

A different bull on the other side of the hotel that same morning

time to rest
And here is what the town is built around
The Hot Springs

Looking down on Grants Village from the Hot Springs


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