Friday, October 12, 2012


Let's Go
After driving through the Big Sky Ski Village we headed down the road to Yellowstone. We deliberately flew into BZN (we went in from the Salt Lake City Airport our 1st trip) so we could drive to Yellowstone through different countryside. It was a pretty and easy trip. It took us about a hour.
We arrived in West Yellowstone and did a little grocery shopping so that we would have drinks (I brought a collapsible cooler in our suitcase) and snacks and could have a picnic for lunch.

The West Entrance

We had only gone a few miles through the gate when we saw this eagle

We stopped to make a picture of the eagle and saw the gorgeous view on the other side of the road

My "Big John"

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone



Norris Geyser Basin

Emerald Spring

Steamboat Geyser

 The Canyon

Isn't that beautiful

This coyote was putting on a show

You get so tired of the Bison.....always in the road

John spotted this Mule Deer. Nobody else was noticing him

out 1st elk

This scene took my breath away. Oh....he was standing on that mountain looking over his domain.
It reminded me of the "Lion King" movie

John and I rode on down the road and we were discussing that we had not seen many animals and it looked like I would not hear an elk bugle that day. John told me that it was always just happening to be in the right place at the right time. He had no sooner said that then we noticed two cars stopped beside the Yellowstone River. We stopped.....the sun had already gone down.....we got out of the car and then....we heard it. An elk across the river was bugling! It sounded so loud....even across the sounded like what the movies make a dinosaur sound was amazing!!! We got John's binoculars out and tried to see the big elk...we were barely able to see his shadow and he was HUGE!

 Lake Yellowstone Hotel

We stayed one night at The Lake Yellowstone Hotel

It is like going back in time
Everyone gathers in the Lobby/ Lake viewing area, at night, and listens to music being played on the Baby Grand

You just expect President Roosevelt to walk through the lobby any minute

The Lake Yellowstone Hotel was used to film some scenes in "The Shining".....

can you look at this picture of the hallway and picture the twins or the little boy riding on a Big Wheel in  'the Shining"?

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