Friday, October 12, 2012

Glacier National Park

 Lake McDonald Lodge
We had planned on going to Glacier National Park on this trip. Neither one of us had been there before. I think we both were wondering if we could pull ourselves away from Yellowstone. But, we headed out the next morning.
The road that goes all the way through Glacier, Going-to-the-Sun-Road, was closed. So, you could go up the east side of Glacier, turn around, go back out and then go up the west side of Glacier. The road is usually closed when the weather gets bad and we were having great weather. Just our luck, great weather meant that they decided to close the road and work on it. We had taken our passports because about 1/3 of this road is in Canada and since 9/11 you have to present a passport. Oh, well.....if we ever come back we will do the Canada part. There is a really unique Chalet/Lodge at the very top of the road in the Canada section that I would love to stay at.
We had reservations at The Lake McDonald Lodge. Oh my.......what a beautiful place......atmosphere running out its ears...not to mention...history!

breath taking views from Lake Mcdonald Lodge.
I could sit outside and look....forever

The Lodge looking out onto the lake

Everybody sat around the fire after dinner and listened to the baby grand. John's University of Alabama clothing and then my accent had everybody talking to us!

Our Cabin
Once again, we were not able to get a room in the Lodge but.....our cabin was cozy....and it had a bathroom!!!

Loved this little window in the bathroom!
back side of the Lodge

you can tour Glacier in this old original tour bus

the other side of Glacier


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