Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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Diving Lessons

at UA

John Brady is taking diving lessons at The University of Alabama. He started diving at our pool 2 summers ago. I knew he was good at it and I told him that he came from a long line of Lawson men who were good divers.
I remember John's Daddy, PawPaw, diving at our pool when he was in his late 60's-early 70's and he was good, John is a great diver and Brady is too. So, he is just falling in line.
 Pops diving from the top deck of the boat dock at Smith Lake last summer
JB3 was just in his 2nd week when I took these pictures. When I picked him up from school he asked me to go to his lesson and watch him. 99% of the time, right now, is spent getting the walk out, the jump and the arms correct before they will be allowed to start diving. He loves it all....even the boring over and over....get your form right stuff!
John Brady says he is going to be in the Olympics. That's fine with me, but.......I will yell as loud, jump up and down and smile as huge a smile....if he is just jumping off my diving board in Berry, Alabama!!!

When lessons are over he gets into the hot tub....he loves that, too!

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