Friday, October 12, 2012

Let's head to Mammoth

but's the rest of the story

John and I woke up early, again, to head out to see the animals. We were laying in bed when we heard a really....really LOUD noise. John, laughed and said it sounded like somebody had fallen down the stairs. What we did not realize was that it was the fire doors clanging....SHUT! I had just got out from under those warm covers, headed to the bathroom when the fire alarm started ringing and a voice telling us to exit the building. Oh, we looked so pretty.....not! Here we were..outside, freezing, teeth not brushed, hair not combed and in my we watched the sun rise over Yellowstone.
We stayed outside for an hour.......
We finally got to go back in....not sure at this point what went wrong but everybody was outside..including the employees!
We start getting ready to check this time it was too late to go see the animals at sunrise. I was in the and body soaking wet when.....the alarm went off again.
I stayed in the shower! We had a ground floor room so.....I told john if he saw fire that I would go out the window....I wasn't going out in that cold weather with a wet head!
We ate breakfast in the dining room and headed out for another glorious day in Yellowstone

More beautiful Yellowstone sights

the Quakies were changing colors

that's our rental car
okay, I know this is stupid but.......several times I told John that I wished I could tell how hot the water was in the streams around the geysers. Well, this really small stream coming out of a tiny geyser (below) was right beside the road so.....
I stuck my finger in it.....guess what....i was HOT!

John wanted me to make a picture of this????

The North Entrance to Yellowstone

Gardiner, Montana


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