Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lake Martin

Dave had friends come in from out of state to spend a few days at his family's Lake Martin cabin. Lawson was in school, so Ellen (Grandmother Long) came up Friday afternoon and picked up  Lawson so he could spend the night and go to Auburn's game the next day. I went to Birmingham and spent the night with Courtney and Lily. Courtney had to work and Lily's sleeping is so erratic that Court did not want to put everybody through that so they stayed home.

Lawson needed to come back to Birmingham because his choir was singing at church Sunday morning. So, Ellen invited me to join Courtney at their home, on Lake Martin, for a cookout after Auburn's game. It was a beautiful afternoon on the lake.
On a funny note.........After the game, Lawson kept asking us how many times we saw him on TV 

Lawson did a great job singing with his choir at church. We were very proud of him


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