Friday, October 12, 2012

Gardiner, Montana
We did not have a reservation for the next day in Yellowstone. We did this on purpose. We weren't sure if we would want to stay another night or head out to see something different. Well, we were having a great time and were not ready to leave but......Mammoth did not have a single off to Gardiner we go. It only takes about 15 minutes to get to Gardiner from Grants Village. We went ahead and got a room early that afternoon because "No Vacancy" signs were already popping up everywhere.
Gardiner is a unique, old town. We loved it!
We ate lunch at The Two Bit Saloon. Great shrimp tacos!

What a view

.Read this.....funny!
Gardiner has 3 streets......hey, it's bigger than Berry!
Driving back into Yellowstone
John and I kept noticing people walking along a path by the Gardner River (not sure why the river and the town are spelled different). We were always on the top of the ridge and couldn't make out a lot of detail. We decided to stop and walk to the river to check it out.

And this is what we found. A small geyser flows into the Gardner River making what they call Boiling River. People were in it and it looked wonderful but.......John and I had planned for cold and did not even have a pair of shorts much less our swim suits. If I could of got my hands on a towel I would have cut off  my jeans and tried it out. If I ever go again .....this is on the top of the list!

the geyser

The geyser water meeting the river water
Back in Mammoth

Gardiner nightlife
If you ever find yourself in here. The food was like a 4 star restaurant. The camo wearing hunters might have brought it down a star!


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