Friday, October 12, 2012

Wake up
we are at Yellowstone
John and I had intentions of getting up before daylight every morning to go see the animals. We did get up this morning and head out before the sun rose. We went back to the spot where we had heard the Elk bugle, the night before, and were disappointed to not see anything. We got in the car and rode a mile down the road to where we had seen a magnificent Elk, standing on the ridge, at sundown last night......sure enough....there he stood and nobody else had noticed him. We made pictures and could faintly hear his bugle drifting down.
I crossed the road and went up the hill a little way to get a better picture. A few people stopped when they saw me but "the big boy" walked on over the hill. John and I decided to climb to the top of the hill and see what we could see........

We thought we would just climb to here.....

but, we kept hiking.....

and....saw this beautiful valley....

hidden from the road......

we came up on the big elk and about 12 cows.....

bison everywhere.....reminded me of a scene in a movie

the elk ran to the edge of the trees and settled down, so.....John and I sat down and watched them for a while. It was like we were in our own private world! I got to hear this elk bugle....he had a totally different sound than the 1st elk I heard but it still had that dinosaur me, anyway!

We finally climbed back down the mountain and headed back to the hotel to shower and check out.....but first we had to wait on the Bison to go where they were headed

yes, that close to my window
The front of Lake Yellowstone Hotel

Lake Yellowstone

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

That rainbow was beautiful

John stopped a lady and asked her to make this picture....he said he wanted proof that I was on this trip!

Mud Volcano Area

Old Faithful Inn

We stayed at the Old Faithful Inn the 2nd night inside Yellowstone

sitting on the upper deck waiting for Old Faithful to blow

and there she blows

we decided to walk the boardwalk around Old Faithful after the sun went down

another rainbow

see the Inn....way over there.....we were glad we went late in the is a pretty good hike

The Boardwalk circles back to the Inn

it was dark by the time we got back to the Inn

Beautiful inside the Inn

the lobby

looking down into the dining room

the only way you can call anybody!

the hallway to our room

loved the old light fixture

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