Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Trees and Santa

and the Bass Pro Shop

What could be a better combination. The first weekend in December we usually take the truck to Birmingham so Courtney, Dave and Lawson can go to the tree farm and pick out a tree. We usually get our tree, also. I have always had a real tree. When I was growing up we always had one of those (really expensive aluminum trees with a color wheel shining on it. I swore that I would always have a real tree when I had my own home and so far have kept that up. Courtney suggested that we meet at the Bass Pro Shop after church so Lawson could see Santa before we went after the tree. Of course, that was right up John's alley. He needed....and I stress get some things from the Bass Pro. You know the You Tube video of "The People of Wal Mart". I think they need to do "The Men of Bass Pro". Back to Christmas.....we got there before Courtney and Dave and were able to get a line pass to see Santa. We were tickled. The year before we waited in line with Em, Ab and JB3 for almost 2 hours! The adults went and ate while we waited on our time for our Santa visit. Let me just say that if you find your self on an extended visit at Bass Pro that they have a wonderful chicken salad sandwich.Lawson played the games that are all over Bass Pro's Santa Land.....and most of them are games that catch Pop's interest!

I want a Mario Kart K Nex......(and Josh and Meredith have a bone-to-pick with Santa)

Life looks pretty good right now. I ate my lunch, I played nicely in Santa Land, I sat nicely and smiled in Santa's lap and Santa seems to think that I can have a Mario K Nex!

Checking out the Christmas Tree Farm

Lawson always gets to pick out a "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree" for his toy room

He was told to pick one out that was as tall as him.....hummmmm...just stretched a little

Pops getting the cut started

Lawson cutting down his tree

okay....let's go

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