Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jesus

John and I went to Birmingham, Sunday, to watch Lawson sing with his choir at church. He sang his little heart out! This child loves music but.......he just couldn't quite get his moves going! The song, Happy Birthday, Jesus, was just a little too slow. He tried several times to get moving to the beat but finally gave up and instead inserted a couple of hand motions of his own.
I was very impressed with how good this little group sounded. Every one of them sang and could be heard above the music. MeMe and Pops were very proud! Every time I started to make a picture another adult head popped in front of my lens. That is Lawson between the the red vest.

The children came out into the audience and sat with their parents after they sang. John and I along with Lawson's Grandmother and Grandfather Long were sitting together and Courtney and Dave were sitting right in front of us. Lawson chose to sit on the row with all of us. After several more songs...the men came forward with the offering plates. As the congregation sat down and got VERY quiet.....Lawson, the child who cannot whisper-leaned over the pew and said........Hey, Mama, they are about to pass out the money! Kids......they keep you laughing!

Back entrance

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Courtney Long said...

good pictures! too bad the camera lens seems to automatically cause lawson to look the other way!