Saturday, December 31, 2011

Peek A Boo "Pocket"

Courtney had another appointment on December 19th to try to see the baby on the 4D Ultrasound. Well, Miss Pocket was hiding again. She was facing her Mother's backbone this day. Courtney drank a Mountain Dew, as the technician suggested last time, and she was awake and moving but just not looking our way. We did get one tiny smushed view of the side of her face. Oh well, just 42 more days or 33 more days (my guess) and we can see her in person. This technician said the same thing as the technician the first time......this baby has a lot of hair. Well, Court said they told her they saw hair on Lawson....and he was a bouncing bald baby boy....but that wasn't we will see. We aren't counting on it and Court doesn't have hair bows lined up! Lawson enjoyed the view from the waiting room at St. Vincent as we were waiting to be called back for the ultrasound. He asked his Daddy to show him where he lived when he was a baby. you can barely see the Legg Lofts Building from St Vincents. Dave took Lawson to see the building after the ultrasound and then they went and played with the soccer ball at the Railroad Park.

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