Monday, December 26, 2011

The Lawson Family Christmas Get Together

The Lawson Family met together in Priceville, again this year, at Linda and David Lawson's home. We are a big family even though we always have some who can't make it. I think we had 46 immediate family members and about 7 who couldn't be there. Of course, that is 47 if you count , yet to be born, baby "Pocket". It turned out to be a beautiful day and everyone spent a lot of time outside. Uncle David lit the outdoor fire pit so we could stay warm and everybody soaked up the sunshine. We had lots of wonderful food and enjoyed watching the youngest generation of Lawson's playing outside. Thank you, Linda and David ...for having us...We love you! Pops driving the MeMe Mobile to Priceville

Lawson getting car sick



The baby bump

Clara Paige, Abby and Maggie

Pretty girl smiles and then one of their boy cousins join them!
Lawson, Gracie, Clara Paige, Abby and Maggie

Lawson helping Uncle David build a fire

David helping Lawson with his balloon

Aunt Charlotte brought bopping balloons for the kids

John Brady found the stream behind Linda and David's house

Linda, Bo, Jane, Bryan and Rena


Sweet Baby Mollie with her Daddy

a little game of football

Brady playing Santa

Brady helping Granny open her gifts

Mollie - the youngest great grandchild

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