Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Few Glimpses of our Christmas

We spend all day Christmas Eve together. We snack on appetizers all day and have supper around 6 that night. We usually sing a few Christmas songs and have Grandchildren entertainment before we open gifts. I couldn't ask for a more perfect day. It is everything I dreamed of as a little girl. When I look at my family gathered around the table I usually have to fight back the tears. This year Emma offered the prayer before we ate and I doubt I will ever forget that was one of those "stand still in time" moments! Lawson helped make this appetizer but he can't try it because he is allergic to shellfish

Meredith and Josh putting together the gingerbread houses

Lawson eating the decorations for the gingerbread houses!

Abby Claire and John Brady.......they are getting pretty experienced at this

Emma and Lawson decorating a house

Emma wanted to show Uncle Josh how good she had gotten on the pogo stick he got her for Christmas last year

Meredith's special gift.......all the way from Napa Valley

Gathered at the table

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kimberly t. bowling said...

I probably say this every year, but I LOVE your candlelight dinner beauty beauty!