Saturday, December 31, 2011

PressDough of Christmas Past

Christmas 2010 has been over for a year but we had a little reminder in a chest in my is the story. I have mentioned before that my Granddaughters love the "As Seen on TV" commercials. they always find something they want for Christmas from these commercials. Well, last year about 10 days before Christmas.....Emma and Abby started telling me about this thing called PressDough that they saw on TV. You use cookie dough and the PressDough to make all kinds of different shaped cookies.

We always make cookies for Christmas (last year it was cupcakes) to leave out for Santa. In my mind I pictured how much fun this would be for everybody in the family. Gathered around making these cute cookie shapes, baking them and making more! We were going to use the rolls of cookie dough that you get from the grocery store.

Well, guess didn't come last year. It came about two days after Christmas. Luckily, Kim saved us by bringing already cooked cupcakes that the kids had a ball decorating. So, this year I was so tickled because I already had something really neat for them to use to make cookies. We were set! I just happened to decide to open up one of the three packages (yes, I bought 3 packages to make sure we had enough for 4 kids) and look at the instructions. I really didn't get past the spot that said to wash all the parts before we used them. I was so glad I opened it up so that I could get everything ready. It took a whole dishwasher load to wash all the parts. After they washed and dried I took them out and put them in a container to await their use.

Emma, Abby and John Brady spent the Tuesday night before Christmas at our house. It occurred to me that night that it might be a good thing for the kids to try out making these cookies so it wouldn't be so complicated with Lawson around. It had so many parts.....not kidding....I bet there were 60 parts. So, I went to The Pig and bought a roll of cookie dough and turned the kids loose on it.

OHHH MYYYY.....what can I say......DISASTER. Pops got in on it, trying to help. He noticed that it said every part had to have flour on it. So.....John and I are hand washing all the parts and digging out cookie dough so the kids can flour all the parts......still holding onto hope that this thing is going to be wonderful!

After much trouble we finally got that again.... 5 cookies pressed out...out of one roll of cookie dough. Well, the kids, of course, were all excited. After all, it really hadn't been trouble to them...just John and I and flour all over my kitchen along with smeared cookie dough...and it wasn't even the kids fault....nothing they did could have helped.

We put the five cookies in the oven to bake!

18 minutes later I look through the oven window.....the 5, really cute shaped cookies with shapes stamped on top, had turned into one big cookie with no imprints on looked like a badly shaped flower.

Well, the kids first question was....can we still eat it? They ate it as I put the parts back into the dishwasher to wash. When I got them out of the dishwasher...I packed them up and put them back in the chest in my room. Needless to say...we did not make Santa cookies with PressDough Christmas Eve.

Next week PressDough will get a scathing review from the MeMe!

Well, at least it is another memory to file in our Lawson Family memory and laugh about in years to come!

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