Saturday, December 31, 2011

JB3 or maybe this is JB1

Oh....the things they say......

Pops and JB3 went outside to the Nativity scene in our yard, the Tuesday night he spent the night, to pick up a wise man and a donkey that had blown over.
After straightening all the figures.....John Brady and John stood admiring the lit up manger.
John said, after a few moments of silent admiration, John Brady looked at him and asked where was the STAR"? Now, I don't have a star, yet. The stars on Ebay have been going for an outrageous price and I hope to buy one after Christmas for a more reasonable price.
John being John.........looked at John Brady and told him we didn't have one we were just using the street light! That would be my husband....he can always come up with an answer.
Well, I did not know about this conversation WHEN.........John comes in and tells me I need to buy a STAR!
So there you go.....if John Brady says we need it....which he informed his Pops that we did....then Pops says lets get one! WE WILL HAVE A STAR NEXT YEAR!

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