Thursday, December 22, 2011

Northport Elementary School

2011 1st Grade Christmas Program

starring---on this blog---John Brady Lawson

Nothing makes Christmas feel more like Christmas than listening to 1st graders sing Christmas carols. I was so happy to be in the lunch room ( new gym coming to go with the new school ) at Northport Elementary listening to John Brady and his fellow 1st graders singing at the PTO meeting. I was very impressed. The teachers working with the children did a great job. They sang out loud and clear and they seemed happy. Evidence of a "Lawson" man singing out loud!
Got the hand motions down

The 1st graders wore their PJ's for the program. John Brady loved his Grinch PJ's and was really happy when his Mother found these house shoes the day of the program.

Our little man

We Love You....John Brady and are so proud of you!

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