Thursday, December 29, 2011

Twas the "Night Before"

Christmas Eve

Courtney and Dave went through Tuscaloosa on their way to Berry and picked up John Brady so the boys could have some "boy cousin" play time. We met them at Tuugies for lunch. The first thing Dave wants when he comes to Berry is a Tuugie Burger. Lawson was showing us how he could look like "Mario" with his french fries.The boys did a lot of playing. they ripped and ran outside, rode the golf cart with Pop, played on the playground at the Elementary School and built castles from blocks.
and as is typical of the times......sat side by side and played on the DS and iPhone

By looking at their expressions......I don't think either one of them are winning!

We took John Brady to his Nanny and PaPa's house when it turned dark. JB3, Emma and Abby were spending the night with them and they were going to see the lights at the Fayette Park. Lawson told me when he found out JB3 was leaving that he would just go stay at Nanny's with John Brady! Courtney, Lawson and I ran to Fayette to get a few groceries and one last gift I had to buy, ate at KFC and then took Lawson to see the lights at the Fayette Park

When we got home John started working on a recipe that had to marinate all night. Lawson is all about some cooking , right now, so he wanted to help. He really does good helping.

He wants to know what every ingredient is and how it smells!

It turned out great!

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