Saturday, December 31, 2011

Funny Christmas Story

The Mystery of the Vanishing M&M's
We lost our sweet lab "Bama" back in April. Bama was an outside dog. We have never had an inside dog. Now, don't feel sorry for our dogs....they have always been well taken care of. Bama and Bailey shared a comfy , well padded, spot on the porch behind the fireplace. It was kept warm with a big heating pad. When we began to discuss that the end was coming for Bama I mentioned that I would like for Bailey to sleep inside with me when John was gone on his hunting trips. John agreed that it would be a good idea if we could train her to stay on her pillow. Well, Bailey is pretty smart and within 2 hours she understood that we wanted her to stay on the pillow and she was proud to do it.
As time passed we became used to Bailey being in the house and now let her in whenever she wants in as long as she stays on her pillow. She sleeps inside with us every night. She, also now, has a pet bed in our bedroom and in the living room. She is good company....but, my feelings are hurt because she had rather be with John watching football than watching a Hallmark movie with me!
The only time we allow Bailey to get off her pillow is to let us know that she needs out. She is so funny because she goes to John to be let out. She will touch his face and he wakes up and lets her out. She is probably scared of me and my snoring. Also, if one of the kids spend the night she is so protective. Lawson woke up one night having a nightmare and she was so concerned. She came to the bedside and had to get on the edge of the bed and touch him before she would lay back down. She really is a good and faithful companion.
Well, we get a little lax when any of the kids are at the house. They love Bailey and we allow her to follow them around. I mean what dog wouldn't love little people that slip you table food! Well, Emma, Abby and John Brady spent the night last week.............let me skip around a little bit here and talk about something else......I have two Christmas snowmen candy dishes. It has become a tradition for me to put M&M's in them for the kids. Plain M&M's in the kitchen and peanut M&M's on the coffee table in the living room......back to the story...... I noticed that the peanut M&M's candy dish, in my living room, was really low and the thought went through my mind that the kids were really hitting the M&M's and I might need to put them up before we had belly aches.
Well, later that night......I was sitting on the sofa in the living room and Bailey was following the kids around. Abby Claire and John Brady were playing the piano and Bailey had been standing beside them with her tail wagging her approval. I guess Bailey thought all eyes were on AB and JB3 and she, very quietly, started over to her she passed the coffee table.....with her eyes still straight ahead.....she rolled her tongue out sideways and lapped up about 3 of those peanut M&M's as she passed by....she laid down on her bed and crunched away!
So there you go......the answer to the mystery of the vanishing M&M's!
Don't worry, we do not have a candy dish there anymore! I know that chocolate is dangerous for animals......but she didn't seem to have suffered from it!
We left the candy dish on the table long enough to catch her....lifting a few!

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kimberly t. bowling said...

Aw, Bailey just wanted in on the Christmas Festivities! :) Love it!